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IRCS - Dispatcher system matching
today’s standards and expectations

The IRCS is the heart of railway communication, which is not large,
but all the more complex...

PIS - Professional control unit of passenger information

The innovative, proprietary product that significantly increases the comfort level
of passengers travelling on public transport.

APIDM - the change manager

Innovative solution capable of automatically handling timetable changes and special events
in passenger information.

Clocks and clock systems

Exact time and precise clocks are a given in many areas of daily life ...

PAULIS - the new parking system

If you would like to achieve higher utilization in your outdoor car parks,
choose PAULIS.

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Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004

From 2012 Schauer-Hungária Kft. is EN ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Outdoor car park optimization

If you would like to optimize the occupancy of your car parks, choose PAULIS!

Schauer as telecommunications general contractor

In 2011, as telecommunications general contractor we successfully handed over a telecommunications system involving more than 30 stations as part of the CTC system installation in the South Balaton region.