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The company

IrodaSchauer-Hungária Kft. was established in 1995 with two employees as a 100% owned subsidiary of Mattig-Schauer GmbH. Through the efforts of the two "founding" employees, a level of competence, knowledge, diligence and loyalty has taken root in the company, the positive effects of which have an impact on our operations to this day. The strategic objective of fully satisfying customer needs was formulated at the very outset. In the course of our work, we consistently keep this objective in mind. For us, fully satisfying customer needs not only means fulfilling the technical content provided for in the given contract and/or order at the highest level and strictly adhering to deadlines, but consciously analyzing the processes and technical solutions of our strategic customers. In gaining a closer understanding of our customers this way, we are able to elaborate development and solution ideas, the implementation of which is designed to increase the efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Also in order to meet the demands of customers at the highest level, we choose partners and suppliers subscribing to a similar business philosophy, the efficient, innovative, reliable and high-quality collaboration of whom have become essential to our operations.

Thanks to deliberate strategy, innovative thinking, persistent work and the cooperation of excellent partners, Schauer-Hungária Kft. has grown into one of the leading companies of the Hungarian railway telecommunications market. Furthermore, more and more public transport companies are utilizing our wide variety of services in the field of passenger information.

As far as the future is concerned, our explicit objectives include maintaining the high-quality of work, developing innovative solutions, expanding partner relationships and further strengthening existing relations. We do all of this because our goal is your success!