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Ferenc Sárközy
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Integrated Communication Systems

  • IRCS (Integrated Railway Communicaton Systems)

The Integrated Railway Communication System (IRCS) is a universal voice, data and video communication system. We have designed the functionality of the product line so that, in addition to general communication use, it also enables the satisfaction of special needs.

The product line is mainly intended to satisfy the communication needs of large freight and passenger transport companies:

  • Railway
  • Local public transport companies
  • Metro

In developing the system, we endeavored to cover the whole range of needs for the companies of this industry to the fullest possible extent. During the development of the system’s functionality, we leveraged our several decades of experience in these areas, as well as our knowledge of the shipping industry.

The system built from the components of the IRCS offers any combination of the following applications:

Support for operational management:

  • Traffic management
  • Monitoring of passenger train movements
  • Track maintenance
  • Energy-, electricity dispatcher system
  • Track telephone
  • Outdoor audio instruction transmission

    General communication:

    • Operating telephone system
    • Voice mail system

    Passenger information:

    • Live acoustic passenger information:
    • Acoustic passenger information with automatic machine announcement based on timetable and/or staff control
    • Automatic visual passenger information based on timetable and/or staff control

    Customer service

    • Information line
    • Timetable information
    • Current train station information
    • Internal help desk

    Security services

      • Asset protection and emergency call systems
      • Alarms
      • Remote control and remote sensing
      • Emergency telephone (emergency calling)
      • Multi-level access privileges
      • Speech-, status-, and image recording
      • Malicious call identification (IPO)

      Data transfer support services

      • IP routing
      • LAN hub/switch
      • DNS server
      • Firewall
      • RAS server
      • VPN (IPO)

      System management

        • Comprehensive event logging
        • Configuration maintenance on IP network, or via modem
        • On-line monitoring
        • Fault management (error logging, alarms)
        • Performance management (IPO)

        Universal, cost-effective usability: The system is suitable for the implementation of control centers with or without personnel, even for application in a nationwide network.

        Independence from network infrastructure: thanks to the various interfaces the system organized into the network is capable of operating on practically any network infrastructure. In places where absolutely no network is built, the system can operate, supplemented by standard equipment, with a wireless or GPRS connection.

        Compatibility: Since the system contains only standard interfaces and applies standard protocols to these, it is easy to connect to other systems. This is mainly an advantage with regard to connections with the networks of the EU with similar functionality. The system uniquely combines the latest technologies with traditional, or even “ancient” solutions. All applications are uniformly built on a TCP/IP base, while the interfaces enable integration to a wide range of systems from LB phones to web cameras. As a result, the existing systems may even be developed in small increments using an evolutionary method. The advantage of this is that the existing systems do not have to be "thrown away”; they only have to be supplemented with the components corresponding to the necessary, additional functions.

        Planning, future-proofing, scalability: The type and quantity of the interfaces used in the system as well as the functionality of the system are highly scalable. The combination of modularity and the broad service portfolio allow for extreme variability. In line with currently projected long-term trends, the system is built, in the spirit of convergence, on a TCP/IP base. This fact ensures that the system is future-proof. As a result of the modularity and future-proofing of the system, it enables the development of long-term concepts that can be implemented later or gradually.

        Operation: We also undertake the scalable monitoring of the systems that we supply and install that, according to user needs, can range from simple troubleshooting to comprehensive operation. The user can decide to what extent they would like to solve the operation of the system using their own resources. In addition to the two extreme cases (the user can do everything / the user just “uses” the system) virtually any combination in between is imaginable.