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The management of Schauer-Hungária Kft. is committed to building and operating integrated systems in line with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management systems.

Schauer-Hungária Kft. has designed and operates its quality and environmental management systems to meet the expectations of its customers and owners, to comply with regulatory requirements, and to ensure the fulfillment of quality and environmental aims, the success of the company, including employee, professional and financial success.

In line with this objective, every effort is made to ensure that the company’s activities continuously meet the ever-changing needs and expectations in relation to quality and environmental impacts. It does so by constantly improving quality with a view to reducing the magnitude of the environmental burden to the smallest possible extent.

In order to achieve these goals, Schauer-Hungária Kft. seeks to implement the following strategic tasks:

  • In the case of products developed and manufactured by it in the past or future, Schauer-Hungária Kft. intends to provide its customers with the highest standard of quality, reliability, and cutting edge technology.
  • Prior to production, Schauer-Hungária Kft. takes special care to examine environmental impacts, reduce the amount of waste generated, and comply with environmental regulations in the course of collecting and transporting waste.
  • Schauer-Hungária Kft. strives to meet customer expectations with regard to the systems it distributes through the quality of the systems and by applying the best technical solution for the needs of the customer.
  • Schauer-Hungária Kft. ensures continuous availability to facilitate up-to-date knowledge of customer needs as well as to address any potential problems. The company takes special care to make customers aware of its environmentally conscious thinking.
  • Schauer-Hungária Kft. provides its employees with continuous training aimed, in addition to expanding professional knowledge, to develop quality and environment oriented thinking.
  • Schauer-Hungária Kft. does everything within its means to create a working environment for its employees that provides optimal circumstances for safe and quality work.
  • Schauer-Hungária Kft. expects its subcontractors and suppliers to perform their tasks at the highest level of quality with a view to ensuring the considerations of environmental awareness.
  • The management of Schauer-Hungária Kft. is clearly committed to continuously ensuring the conditions necessary to achieve quality management objectives.
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