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PIS (Passenger Information Systems)

Station passenger information equipment provides by station:

  • Automatic audio and visual passenger information according to timetable and based on signal box connection, with priority given to live verbal (manual) intervention.
  • Maximum 16 simultaneous audio outputs (which, if necessary, can also provide service for adjacent stations)
  • Control of sound zones (monitoring occupancy, priorities, etc.) - maximum 16
  • Announcement feedback (impedance measurement and feedback, audio stream, recording, logging, etc.)
  • Automatic volume adjustment (e.g. day/night volume)
  • Control of visual signs in serial lines or via LAN (e.g. AEG, Ascom, PontosIdő, Solari, Fok-Gyem, etc.)
  • Control of display monitors (with any size and layout)

    Automated passenger information equipment:

    • Input data:
    • CTC and/or “UTAS” (“PASSENGER”) and/or GPS data
    • Daily timetable, supplemented with passenger oriented information
    • Communications templates
    • Operator interaction
    • Data from other systems (e.g. EMERGENCY information, delays)
    • Based on these, is capable of
    • Automatically generating communications texts based on timetable data and templates
    • From one workplace providing for the audio passenger information of maximum 64 locations via 64 independent audio paths
    • Solving the amplification of 64 locations using locally stored audio files at a bandwidth of 512kbyte/s
    • Driving an HTML capable visual display or a visual display that can be controlled with an AEG protocol of up to 1024
    • Highly reliable solution duplicated with hot reserves
    • Solution fully compatible with IRCS