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APIDM (Automated Passenger Information Database Management)

One of the biggest challenges of railway passenger information is processing, clearly displaying, and clearly announcing the planned and unforeseen changes in relevant timetable and passenger data and information in the right place at the right time. With its several decades of passenger information control experience, our company has developed a fully automated concept that provides a solution to satisfy this complex set of requirements. From a central database, the system solves the station, on-board, visual and acoustic passenger information of an entire railway network without human intervention. The control includes a monitoring system that on the one hand provides the opportunity to retrospectively check the time, place and content of the issued information, and on the other hand allows for the preliminary modeling of changes in timetable data, thus facilitating the training of the current system operator. One key advantage of the system is the complete automation of the script book essential for audio passenger information, resulting in significant time and financial savings and the elimination of error quotas for public transport companies. In the automation of audio passenger information we use the world’s most modern version of speech synthesizers, developed in Switzerland capable, in addition to Hungarian, of “speaking” 40 languages, and successfully used by well-known European car manufacturers such as Ford, Audi, and Mercedes, as well as by the Austrian (ÖBB) and German (DB) railway companies. In the case of standardized databases (e.g. SIRI), the APIDM is capable of processing the data of several public transport companies. Have we got your interest? On request, we are available to hold a detailed presentation at your premises using Hungarian, German or English language background materials. It is our pleasure to respond to any questions and inquiries you may have. Please feel free to contact us!